When blood runs, no one will be able to hide the trail of a lie.


It is the turbulent year of 1989. David Gutierrez is the new judge who arrives in town to dispense justice. However, dark forces get in the way of his mission. David stands up to them, but the secrets of his past become his enemies’ most powerful weapon. David will have to face the consequences of his actions or be persuaded by the corruption of those who want truth and justice silenced in the town.

Main Cast




Production Company: Red Collision Studios

Director: Libia Stella Gómez Díaz

Screenplay: Julián Camilo Sánchez

Executive Producer: Sebastián Caballero

Producer: Andrés Gómez

Director of Photography: Juan Carlos Villalobos

Art Director: John Alexander Avendaño

Sound Designer: Julián Camilo Sánchez

Editor: Livi Julieta Escobar Eljach, Bernardo Garcés-Ecca

Score:  Camilo Sanabria

1st Assistant Director: Juan Camilo Villarreal