Production SERVICES

We hunt down the sickest locations that vibe with your project's style.​

Boost your project with a 30% cash rebate for your budget.

Level UP with our CREW that offers top-notch skills and best rates. ​

Breathtaking landscapes, beaches, jungles, mountains, cities, towns, rivers

Tell us what you need, we'll get it for you ​

In Colombia we've got​ two fantastic incentives to meet your budget NEEDS.


40% of the audiovisual services expenses 

20% of the logistical services expenses (hotel, food, and transportation)

*Net average of approx. 30% of total local spent.


*Cina: Certificate of Audiovisual Investment.

Equivalent to 35% of the expenses in audiovisual and logistical services (hotel, food, and transportation). 

The CINA are transferable to Colombian income tax filers and function as an income tax discount. 

*Could be sell at 31% (Approx).

Gear UPwith

the best of the best!

We’ve got all the finest equipment for your shoot: cameras, lenses, drones, virtual production, lighting, grip, microphones —you name it, we’ve got it covered.


Our cast is stacked with talent—actors and actresses of every age and every look, from seasoned pros to fresh faces.

Our Crew

Fully Bilingual

Production, camera, art, wardrobe and makeup


From squibs to big explosions and complex effects

Military Assets

Wide range of war props, vehicles and weapons


Higly risky performances with stunts supervisors, doubles, drivers and riders

High end Post Labs

Color, sound, vfx and finishing

Legal Team Support

Production, camera, art, wardrobe and makeup

Transparent Financial Crew

Ethical, efficient and transparent budget execution

Specialized Scouting Team

Find the perfect locations that math with your project needs