There is a very thin line between sanity and madness.


For Alonso Quijano, professor of literature and expert in Don Quixote de la Mancha, the thin line between sanity and madness snaps one day and from that day forward, his accomplice, veterinary assistant Santos Carrasco, travels through the Professor’s past to discover that his madness is but an escape from pain and into the definitive refuge found in fantasy.

“A Certain Alonso Quijano” is a tragicomedy that explores the ins and outs of the human mind. Don Alonso and Lorenza don their respective costumes to escape from what they feel incapable of facing, dressing as others to resist and keep from revealing their open wounds. But when this escape from self finally proves impossible they are forced to see themselves through their own bodies, their own faces, setting aside the pain and moving on.

Main Cast




Production Company: Red Collision Studios

Screenplay and Director: Libia Stella Gómez Díaz

Producers:  Libia Stella Gómez Díaz, Sebastián Caballero, Wilmer Daniel Moya, Exler Felipe Puerta 

Executive Producers: Sebastián Caballero, Wilmer Daniel Moya, Exler Felipe Puerta 

Director of Photography: Diego Gama Romero

Sound Designer: Julián Camilo Sánchez

Production Designer: Alirio Cruz Cabrera

Art Director: Julián Álvarez

Editor: Juan Carlos Sánchez

Score:  José David Esmoris, Desarme Rock Social

1st Assistant Director: Guillermo Castañeda