A crime will become his redemption. 


Angela Rojas, a police officer trapped by debt and harassed by Ferrer, her corrupt superior, finds an unexpected ally in patrolman Daniel Diaz. Faced with Ferrer’s abuses, Angela and Daniel are plunged into a dangerous revenge that forces them to commit a crime from which they cannot escape.  

As they struggle to hide the truth, the complicity between Angela and Daniel reopens wounds from the past, confronting them with their own shadows and decisions that will change their destinies forever.

Main Cast



Production Company: Red Collision Studios

Director: Libia Stella Gómez Díaz

Screenplay: Julián Camilo Sánchez

Executive Producer: Sebastián Caballero

Line Producer: Vanessa Gómez

Producer: Andrés Gómez

Director of Photography: Juan Carlos Villalobos

Art Director: John Alexander Avendaño

Make-Up Designer: Juana Gómez

Costume Designer:  Lina Buitrago

Sound Designer: Julián Camilo Sánchez

Editor: Livi Julieta Escobar Eljach, Bernardo Garcés-Ecca

Score:  Juanda Gómez

1st Assistant Director: Juan Camilo Villarreal